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Chambers has significant expertise in the resolution of complex construction and engineering disputes using Construction Adjudication. Charles Edwards, the head of chambers is a first class Construction Barrister, a TECBAR accredited Adjudicator on TECBAR’s panel of Adjudicators and a graduate of the Centre of Construction Law at King’s College London and the University of Cambridge (Departments of Engineering and Architecture). Charles has significant expertise advising on complex construction and engineering disputes and all standard forms of construction contracts including JCT/NEC3/ACA PPC2000.

Construction adjudication was introduced by Part II of the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996. This has since been amended by Local Democracy, Economic and Development Act 2009. Construction Adjudication can be a contractual or statutory procedure and is considered to be informal, quick and less costly alternative to litigation. Construction Adjudication involves the parties adhering to a strict timetable which concludes with an Adjudicator’s decision which is binding on the parties unless the decision is challenged and overturned in court or arbitration, whereby the matter is finally determined. All parties have a statutory right to refer a construction dispute to adjudication.

Complex construction and engineering disputes have involved:

  • Interim valuation and payment
  • Final account and payment
  • Unlawful deduction of monies
  • Variations
  • Compensation events
  • Defective work
  • Extension of time issues
  • Liquidated damages
  • Practical completion
  • Payment of retention
  • Interpretation of contracts
  • Design Liability
  • Construction insolvency

Chambers accepts instructions from a wide range of clients including, construction and engineering organisations, contractors, sub-contractors, employers, architects, consulting engineers, quantity surveyors, construction claims consultants, developers, local authorities, government organisations, corporate clients, investors and international organisations


  • Clear and concise legal advice in Construction Adjudication
  • Setting out the overall strategy to be adopted in order to obtain the best possible outcome in Construction Adjudication under NEC3/JCT/ACA Partnering Contracts/GC Work as well as bespoke forms of construction contracts
  • Preparation of Notice of Adjudication
  • Preparation of submissions on Jurisdiction
  • Preparation of Referral
  • Preparation of Response
  • Preparation of Reply
  • Preparation of any further submissions
  • Advocacy at the hearing
  • Analysis of documentary evidence
  • Drafting Witness Statements
  • Enforcement of an Adjudicator’s Decision in the High Court (TCC)
  • Resisting the enforcement of an Adjudicator’s Decision in     the High Court (TCC)
  • Applications in the High Court
  • Representation at Trial in the High Court (TCC)
  • Representation in the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court

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