Mediation is an effective method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). It is an informal, private, non-binding and voluntary process whereby disputes, between parties are resolved by a third party neutral commercial mediator who will assist the parties to reach an agreement.

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Mediation is used in the resolution of a wide range of construction and commercial disputes which are complex and the use of mediation to resolve disputes has increased significantly over the years. The Courts including the Technology and Construction Court (TCC), The Commercial Court and the Chancery Division actively encourage the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution, which includes mediation for the resolution of construction and commercial disputes.

Members of Chambers provide first class legal advice, expertise and advocacy in mediation including:

  • Setting out the overall strategy to be adopted in mediation
  • Clear and concise legal advice on the merits of the dispute
  • Analysis of evidence
  • Advising on evidence
  • Drafting position statements
  • Attendance and advocacy at the mediation hearing
  • Presenting written and oral arguments
  • Drafting the settlement agreement

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